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Its me finally

Just writing a quick post. This is the first time Ive really had a free minute to stop and write anything. And really its not that free. I need to be alseep right now because I have to be at a flight brief in 10 hrs. But all my buddies got here this morning, and I started talkin to them when I got back to the tent, and they have kept me awake.. Oh well. Im doin ok. The days are long, the weeks are short, and Im ready to go home now. Tonight will be my first full night of night crew. And it starts with an oh so fun long boring flight. Woohoo. Cant wait for that one. But, I’ll get over it. Thats what Im here for so I guess I cant complain to much. Well, this one is gonna be short. I’ll update another one as soon as something interesting and worth writing about comes along. But for now, Im alive, and doin fine.. Love “all yall”


Racial Inequality

Wow! So, you know how I’ve been upset about how the meeting with our principal went. Well, I spoke to another staff member causually about it today as she has been treated pretty questionably herself. When the room was empty she turned to me and said, “You’re just not going to work out here. Sorry, you just have the wrong color of skin.”
I’m still flaberghasted at this comment, but who knows…maybe she’s right?

Bound for Spain…really this time

Rota, Spain
I just got a call from Adam saying they are really leaving (or at least they were boarding the C5) at 2pm West coast time. The C5 they flew in to California broke down and they ended up moving all the gear and helicopters from that one to a different C5 that will be taking them to Spain today. Obviously they spent the night.
The flight is only supposed to take 12 hours, so they should arrive sometime around midnight/1am Hawaii time.
The guys are pretty tired from all these late night flights, but are hoping for another breakdown in Spain so they can see the sights! Jerks! 🙂
You are now as up to date as I am.

And they’re off…

The C-5 departed last night at quarter to 9pm. We waited around since 1:00 and it was just looking like they probably wouldn’t have to go, but low and behold, they got out of Hawaii just before the crewday was over. Adam called from California at 3am to let me know they got there safe and sound. They leave Cali tonight around 5 (or if last night is any indication it will be 9pm) Next stop…Spain.
I’ll let you all know as I get more information. Be praying for a safe flight!


My flight got delayed till monday evening. The C5 I was suppossed to fly out on broke down in California. So, I have a few more days with my beautiful wife that I will be makin the best of. Well see if we are really gonna leave monday when it gets closer.. Later yall

Uncle Adam & Auntie Mel

Elijah_Mikel.jpgThe newest addition to the Ott familyBig sister Zoe with Elijah
We have a nephew!  He was born this morning at 9:15.  He weighs 7lbs 3oz and has dark wavy hair!  Alison was bound and determined to get this boy child here before Uncle Adam left for Iraq…she just barely made it!  Adam is pretty stoked to have a nephew instead of just nieces (I think he’s sick of being outnumbered by all the females in the family).

His name is Elijah Mikel. (we’ll all call him Eli) A big congratulations to them both!!!

Leavin’ on a jetplane

Adam’s date has been changed once again…he will now be leaving Saturday at 3:30pm. We just love all the plans changing all the time, but can’t complain too much as it’s one more night together. Please write or send packages to him at:
Cpl. Price
HMH 463
Unit 44170
FTO AP 96607-4170

New roomate

Guess what?! My little brother, Richie, is moving to Hawaii. His flight comes in on Tuesday afternoon and he will be moving into our spare bedroom. It will be nice to have the company while Adam is gone and I’m pumped to spend time wrestling, competing over who can eat the biggest potato chip and just generally bugging my little bro again.richie.JPG

Discouraged teacher pounds pavement

So, I have been faced yet again with the question hated by all teachers everywhere…”what on Earth posessed me to go into this God-forsaken job?” Yes folks, I am deep in the woe-is-me pit again. As a teacher it feels like you just barely peek your head out of the pit and then WHACK something nasty hits you and you plumett back into the pit. Here’s what happened to me:

My students have been especially noncomplient lately and even speak out that I’m a “stupid haole” and “my assignments suck.” To top it off, a mom hung up on me when I tried to talk to her about her daughter. We are finally pulling out of the pit from that one and today the whack comes from administration.
“In my office!” -uh oh. I should have known to run.
The very abbridged version of the conversation is I am an irresponsible advisor as we printed a story that is no longer true (our local town had decided to ultimately cancel their annual carnival after it was on, then off, then on again…now finally off again.) That I have proved to not be a credible source, etc. And my favorite tech coordinator has made some complaints that kids are opening *gasp* the internet on the laptops…nevermind the assignment was on the internet. Also 2-3 may have opened iTunes. I have now been charged with starting a witch hunt to find this heinious criminals! Off with their heads!
In conclusion, I am scouring the wanted ads for surrounding schools and also Colorado. *sigh* here we go again!