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Discouraged teacher pounds pavement

So, I have been faced yet again with the question hated by all teachers everywhere…”what on Earth posessed me to go into this God-forsaken job?” Yes folks, I am deep in the woe-is-me pit again. As a teacher it feels like you just barely peek your head out of the pit and then WHACK something nasty hits you and you plumett back into the pit. Here’s what happened to me:

My students have been especially noncomplient lately and even speak out that I’m a “stupid haole” and “my assignments suck.” To top it off, a mom hung up on me when I tried to talk to her about her daughter. We are finally pulling out of the pit from that one and today the whack comes from administration.
“In my office!” -uh oh. I should have known to run.
The very abbridged version of the conversation is I am an irresponsible advisor as we printed a story that is no longer true (our local town had decided to ultimately cancel their annual carnival after it was on, then off, then on again…now finally off again.) That I have proved to not be a credible source, etc. And my favorite tech coordinator has made some complaints that kids are opening *gasp* the internet on the laptops…nevermind the assignment was on the internet. Also 2-3 may have opened iTunes. I have now been charged with starting a witch hunt to find this heinious criminals! Off with their heads!
In conclusion, I am scouring the wanted ads for surrounding schools and also Colorado. *sigh* here we go again!