Discouraged teacher pounds pavement

So, I have been faced yet again with the question hated by all teachers everywhere…”what on Earth posessed me to go into this God-forsaken job?” Yes folks, I am deep in the woe-is-me pit again. As a teacher it feels like you just barely peek your head out of the pit and then WHACK something nasty hits you and you plumett back into the pit. Here’s what happened to me:

My students have been especially noncomplient lately and even speak out that I’m a “stupid haole” and “my assignments suck.” To top it off, a mom hung up on me when I tried to talk to her about her daughter. We are finally pulling out of the pit from that one and today the whack comes from administration.
“In my office!” -uh oh. I should have known to run.
The very abbridged version of the conversation is I am an irresponsible advisor as we printed a story that is no longer true (our local town had decided to ultimately cancel their annual carnival after it was on, then off, then on again…now finally off again.) That I have proved to not be a credible source, etc. And my favorite tech coordinator has made some complaints that kids are opening *gasp* the internet on the laptops…nevermind the assignment was on the internet. Also 2-3 may have opened iTunes. I have now been charged with starting a witch hunt to find this heinious criminals! Off with their heads!
In conclusion, I am scouring the wanted ads for surrounding schools and also Colorado. *sigh* here we go again!



  1. uncle charlie Said:

    Hang in there Mel, We,ve all gone down this same road. Always remember that the Lord is always with you and will help you through it. I love you a lot and know that you can come through anything
    Love You
    Uncle Charlie

  2. Ashley Said:

    Hang in there. Just start praying for God to open up the right door for the right job, wherever it may be, he wont send you in the wrong direction. He’s a pretty good source to turn to. Love ya and I’ll be praying for you.

  3. Geri Cordova Said:

    Mel, I’m so sorry that you had to go through a rotten review. I know it doesn’t lessen the pain, but keep in mind that this is ONE supervisor, one term, one job. One year I had a jerk of a principal that had his flunkies observe me and take copius notes for 22 straight days, for over 2 hours a day. He was upset because he had jerked one of my second graders off of the monkey bars for spitting, and had actually broken her arm. (None of us realized it was broken at the moment it happened.) The little punkin was crying and wanted to go home, and he kept her sitting in his office for the rest of the afternoon. When the parents discovered that the arm was broken, I told them what had happened. Needless to say, my name was mud with that principal from then on, and the harassment began. To make a long story short, my former principals and teacher-friends rallied around me and he finally ended up being reprimanded. (Big frickin deal!) The next year he was quietly “let go” and was nevered hired in Oregon again. None of that helped me much though, during the time the harassment was going on. I was a total basket-case for about six months, determined to give up teaching, etc. Now, 32 years and many awards and kudos later, I’m still at it and loving it. There are rotten times and many tears along the way. Sometimes it seems each day is years long, but then one of those abused or homeless or just plain lonely kids you touched, (and who touched you) gives you a heartfelt hug, or comes back to tell you that he/she couldn’t have done it without you, and you realize that no matter how rotten some days were, no matter the awful pay, no other job can compare. If you need a break from teaching after a while, get away from it and try something else, but don’t do it because of one or two (or six or seven) bad experiences. That trapped, scarey feeling DOES pass eventually. Just look inside yourself and ask, “AM I a good teacher? Do I love to teach receptive kids?” If the answers are yes, then to HELL with others opinions of you.
    Wow! For someone who usually doesn’t “talk” much, I’ve just burned up the keyboard! I love you SO much, and I know from talking to you about teaching and reading your units, that you are a gift to the profession. We can’t afford to lose you!
    Hugs and kisses. Aunt Geri

  4. Mom Mitchell Said:

    I’ve just got to say “Go Aunt Geri”!!! I agree whole heartedly!! You are truly gifted here and have felt called to this career most of your life. You ARE a GREAT teacher!!!! I love you, MOM xoxoxoxoxox

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