Archive for March 22, 2006

Its me finally

Just writing a quick post. This is the first time Ive really had a free minute to stop and write anything. And really its not that free. I need to be alseep right now because I have to be at a flight brief in 10 hrs. But all my buddies got here this morning, and I started talkin to them when I got back to the tent, and they have kept me awake.. Oh well. Im doin ok. The days are long, the weeks are short, and Im ready to go home now. Tonight will be my first full night of night crew. And it starts with an oh so fun long boring flight. Woohoo. Cant wait for that one. But, I’ll get over it. Thats what Im here for so I guess I cant complain to much. Well, this one is gonna be short. I’ll update another one as soon as something interesting and worth writing about comes along. But for now, Im alive, and doin fine.. Love “all yall”