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Happy Easter

He is risen. Richie and I did just that…rose before dawn and drove all the way to Waimea Bay to attend the sunrise service. It was nice, but we were both exhausted. Spent the day with family and watched the kids hunt eggs. It was nice.

Sure missed Adam though. However, that's how it usually is around here…go somewhere, miss Adam. Talk to people…miss Adam, sit at home…miss Adam. Ugh! 4 3/4 months left we hope!
I do know they moved into the barracks, however there are no bathrooms. The water was gone for a couple days too. Not fun.


Here we go again

This is attempt number 2 to get a post here. I had typed out a full one yesterday, but with just a few minutes left, I posted it and it didnt work.. So I didnt have time to retype it all. Nothing I said was really all that important though. There isnt a whole lot going on here that is worth talking about. Or that I "can" talk about for that matter. We have been workin about Arses off.. Been going at it for a little over a month now.. Just in the first week of Apr, our squadron has flown about 230 hrs.. Thats a good MONTH of flying in Hawaii.. We will probably be flying about 600-800 a month the further we get into it. I myself in the last 3 weeks, have flown about 50 hrs.. An average month in hawaii is about 20. Maybe 30 if you had a good month. So, needless to say, things are busy around here. Tonight, I finally have my first night off in the last 5-6 weeks. Im going back to day crew for a few days. On the 10th its back to nights. Woohoo.. Nights are definately ok with me.. Especially when it hits about 140 degrees.. Then the nights will be about 80-90. A lot more bareable. Still no official word on when I will coming back. Advanced party or main body. Who knows.. I know I dont… Well, this is already long enough. Im probably making every feel as tired as I do just by reading this. Love all of yall.. Cant wait to see everyone again..  

Real quick

I just typed out a long post, but it didnt work and now Im out of time. I’ll write again later.. Love all yall….

A first…

I'm up again late at night.  I'm kind of having a first.  We go back to school tomorrow and that is the end of the suspension of the student who punched a hole through my wall.  When it first happened I thought it wasn't that big of a deal since he didn't punch the hole in the wall screaming at me.  However, I am now thinking I kinda got him arrested, when he's trying to join the army…I didn't have too much of a choice in getting him arrested but I'm realizing he's had a week to be pissed about this and will be back in my classroom tomorrow.  Which brings me back to my first…today is the first day I'm afraid to go to work.

I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, but still enough to keep me up at night.