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The Big Promotion

Adam will be promoted to Sergeant on June 1st! He is very excited since this is the last rank he will earn in the Marine Corps. It also means a payraise. Woohoo! Drop him a line of congratulations, he’s happy but I think too tired to get very excited.
They’re still working 13-14 hour days and this morning when he called he told me it was 115 degrees! Yuck! However, he comes home in 3 months and 14 days. So, we’re over halfway through the deployment. Thank God and thank all of you who have supported us through it all. We love you!


New place!

So the move is complete! Thank you to all the people who made it possible. Even one of my former students came to lend a hand. It was stressful, but all the help made it easier!
The new place is much quieter and bigger…best of all it’s cheaper! I was pretty excited about that fact. I don’t have pictures yet since we’re still unpacking, but will post some as soon as I can.
Feel free to drop by if you’re in the area. Call for directions.

The Year’s Worst Project!!!

Ok, how do you like these apples?
I assigned a Romeo and Juliet final project to my freshmen. They could choose any one of 11 different projects. One of these choices was to design a gameboard..
The assignment states: “Develop a board game based on the story of Romeo and Juliet. Include all game pieces and directions. the game should be enjoyable and educational. You will be expected to demonstrate the game and show classmates how it works. Type a one to two page paper that explains why you chose to represent things the way that you did.”
Well, today in class a student was cutting things out in the back of the class. I know this because I had to keep telling him to pay attention. He then proceeded to present his project. He had cut a donkey kong boardgame off the back of a Captain Crunch cereal box!!!
He couldn’t even tell me who the characters are. (Um, duh…Romeo and Juliet…WTF?!) I just sat and stared at him with a “you have got to be kidding me!” look on my face. I didn’t even know what to say.
Later when I saw him in the hall I told him, “you know you’re not getting points for that project right?” and he was appalled! Like how dare I not give him an A for his hard work of cutting out a freakin cereal box!!!!!!!
What the hell is wrong with these kids?! And now I have to give him a second chance to do a better job. No child left behind! Idiots!
Love your frustrated teacher,
Mrs. Price

Sand Storm Season

Happy days are here again.. This is the one that just hit us.. As bad as it looks, its not as bad as they get.. Woohoo.. I love picking sand out of every nook and craney in by body.. Well.. Gotta go play in the sand again…

Moving Stress!

I have just gotten word that the one person who was going to help me with moving on Sunday just had a family emergency and can no longer help me. I’m frantically looking for movers, but most are saying it is too short of notice. I’ve even bribed some former students. I’m getting desperate. If you know of anyone who can help me move just the furniture I would greatly appreciate it.

New Apartment

Hooray!  We are no longer homeless!!!  An aparment complex called Tropicana Village in Temple Valley has agreed to take us in.  I think we're going to end up really liking it.  It's much bigger than our place now and is only about 5 minutes longer of a comute!  Hooray!!!

My crazy life!

Hey all.
Sorry I haven’t written in so long. I only have a second before my 5th period kids come in so I’ll make this brief. Here are my excuses for not writing:
1. Our landlord decided to sell our apartment, giving us 4 weeks to find a new apartment. It has me totally stressed out. Only 2 weeks left and still no apartment!
2. My parents have been in town. Dad is staying for 6 weeks and mom came for 10 days. Mom leaves today and Dad is still going to be here for awhile. I’m hoping that he will let Richie and I settle down a little bit. Working all day and then coming home to run around in Waikiki is really taking it’s toll.
3. School ends in less than a month. I am the head of three different clubs. Our play debuts in one week, seniors are learning their song for graduation very slowly and our last issue of the school paper comes out in a couple weeks. I’m more than a little busy.
So yeah, that’s my life in a nutshell right now. Adam’s really busy too. He hasn’t called in a few days. I know he’s fine because he emails and his friend Aaron calls his wife. Just getting into a really boring cycle.
Well, there’s the tardy bell so I have to go. I’ll try to write more soon.