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Family emergency in Portland

Some of you have already heard, others haven't.  My best friend, Brittany is in a pretty tough life situation right now.  We got word that her mom is dying of cancer and doesn't have much longer.  Then, her grandma just passed on last week and yesterday she just found out that her dad had quadruple bipass surgery and no one told her until he was out of the hospital because they were afraid she couldn't handle it.  When I heard I called her and she burst into tears saying she needs me so I'm getting on the next flight which is tomorrow afternoon for Portland.  I'm staying until July 11th. 

The hardest part is this is it's like my mom too.  Brittany and I grew up nextdoor to eachother, call eachother's moms on Mother's Day and have been sisters since the 1st grade.  I feel like my mom is dying and I can't be 3,000 miles away!  I'll still be reachable online and via cell phone while I'm there.  Just keep in mind it's Pacific Coast timezone. 🙂

Hope all is well with you. 


New Car!!!

At last!  A new (to me) car!  I bought at 97 Subaru Impreza.  It has lots of get-up-and-go (hopefully I can lay off the gas enough to not get a ticket).  I really like it and got a pretty good deal on it.  Things are finally shaping up!!!


Spoke too soon

I talked with Adam last night on the phone and commented about the picture I posted of the boys in their underwear and thongs running around the desert.  I told him, "frankly I was suprised you weren't in the picture!"  He laughed and said it was only because his stars and stripes thong hadn't arrived in the mail yet.  Apparently a whole bunch of them got on some site and ordered these things to run around in!  I told him that was the most retarded thing I had ever heard and that he was probably going to sunburn places he didn't want sunburned!!! LOL!  I'll keep you all posted on this very riveting news! 🙂

Adam’s new job

I think I forgot to post these pictures before that Adam sent.  I appologize for the delay.  Adam got qualified to shoot the tailgun on his hellicopter recently and they got some pictures of him in action.  Enjoy!

lookin good.JPGRambo.jpgadamtailgun2.jpgPrice on the tail.JPGiraqicowboy.jpg

Flightline is at it again

I got an email from Tom today with a picture attached.  If any of you have seen the movie Jarhead, this is very like it.  I don't know what is going on out there…maybe it's all that sun exposure…maybe it's just that they're part of HMH 463 and they do weird stuff like this all the time.  Who knows, but I do know this: if this behavior doesn't scare the Iraqis away, nothing will!  (not Adam is not in the picture…I have to say I'm actually suprised).



the latest news

Okay so I just got the skinny. Everything is fine. They just landed at a zone and the plane was leaking a little more than normal. Instead of risking the flight back they stayed there. Because they had to wait on parts and then fix it, they’ve been there for like two days. They should be back you will be talking to him soon. Please don’t worry. This happens all the time. It’s more annoying than anything.

What Adam is REALLY doing…

So, Adam has been complaining about the heat, it's now over 125 degrees!  However, he did get the big promotion whch is pretty great.  I've been feeling super sorry for him, and I still do, I sure wouldn't want to be there…but it looks as if they are making the best of it.  How could we assume any different, this is HMH 463…

He sent me a picture of what he's been up to:


Looks a whole lot like what he was doing back here:


Just minus the beer in hand! 🙂

I had to share this with all of you.  He's making the best of it.  I know he loves hearing from those who are writng, so keep the letters and cookies flowing!


throw caps.jpg 

I can hardly believe it!  The very first kids I taught (for pay that is) are graduating tomorrow night!  I feel like I'm graduating right along with them.  It's amazing how far they've come since their lowly sophomore year.  There has been plenty of bad this year to make me hate my job, but I have to say that moments like tomorrow do make it worth it.  Congratulations class of 2006!  

The saga continues…

What's up guys.  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I know I can't let this one kid get me down, and was feeling ok about it today at school.  However, I was told I had to report what he wrote to the vice principal and counselors due to the aggressive tone, etc.  So I did and called the mom to let her know I had.  I left her a really calm message letting her know that I was just informing her that I had sent a copy of an inapropriate journal entry to the vp and counselors and I was concerned about his behavior, etc.  Being the diplomatic and nice teacher I am.

Well, I get a call back about 30 minutes later, thank God Kiki (another girl I teach with) was in the room and knew the situation.  She screamed at me for over 20 minutes telling me that how dare I turn him in, it's my fault he writes stuff like that, I'm driving him to this behavior…etc. etc. etc.  It was basically a masacre.  Then she told me "you may be disapointed in my son as a student, but I'm disapointed in you as a teacher.  I'm not letting my son take all the blame for this.  I'm taking you down too."  (by the way, I never said I was disapointed in her son).  Then she continued to threaten me saying that "maybe I'm not making myself clear, sometimes I have a hard time expressing myself fully when I'm angry, so I think I'll be sending someone to make my point for me."  I hate to say this, but I'm kinda freaked.  Kiki told me I should be worried and make sure to take lots of detours home in case she follows me.  I'm supposed to meet Captain Dave and Carly after graduation tomorrow, and I'm going to stay and ask Kiki or someone to walk with me to my car.  Luckily, I don't think she can figure out where I live, so I'm not scared at home, I'm more worried that she's going to show up at school.  Man, up until the bitter end huh?  We only have one more day of school and this kind of stuff goes down. Ugh.

Sad day for English teacher

Hey guys,
So, I was correcting my student’s in-class journals today when I
crossed this delight. I’m trying not to let it bumb me out, but it
does make me feel kinda crappy. I’m suprised the kid had the guts to write something like this. I’m going to type it up and put it below so you can see what he wrote and because I have to forward it onto the counselors. Please excuse the profanities, I typed it just as it was written.
Hope you all are having a good day. Talk to you soon.
“I don’t like this class, I hate this class. I have to come to school because I dont’ like this class. I come here to do it for myself. So if you’re reading this, screw you. I hate you. This is the ONLY class I HATE. I like my other classes. I actually feel like I’m learning something from those classes. I don’t even know why I’m here or why I’m writing this. Oh ya, I almost forgot your probably reading this now because you have to be a bitch and single me out because I don’t turn in my work or maybe it’s because like the bitch you are you have to have someone to rag on. You labeled me as a punk ass kid well
now you know what fuck you. No one likes you or your stupid class. They come here to get there so called education. Allot of the people in this class probably know more than half the shit your telling us. Oh wait, no one actually listening to you. Why do you think hardly anyone turns in their homework. Because everyone hates you and your stupid class.”

GIRL_CRYING_HOMESTEAD_POEM_JPG.jpgWelcome to my life. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
Just chalk one more up to the “they win” side for today. We’ll play
again tomorrow.
Love from your bumbed teacher…Mrs. Price