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Surfing at last!

Well, it only took me living here for three years before I finally bought a surfboard! I got it on a screamin’ deal from a surf shop on North Shore.  It’s a used rental, but still in good shape.  I’m learning all kinds of stuff like, how to fix dings when the wind blows the board over onto gravel and things like that.  I took it out last weekend in Waikiki, but the waves were pitiful and didn’t catch anything. I’m hoping to go out tomorrow since the hurricane just rolled through it brought a great South swell. 



Back to school


Well, here we are again.  Today was my first day with students.  I’m pretty excited about this year now actually.  I’m teaching four sections of freshman English and one of the newspaper.  I have amazing classizes that (knock on wood won’t change) will make teaching a bit more manageable.  To give you an idea, last year my classes were around 28 freshmen per class.  This year my rosters are between 15 and 20 freshmen!  A major improvement I’d say!  I met the freshmen today and aside from being smelly, as they always are before they discover the invention of deodorant, they seem to be pretty sweet.  I hope I’ve not been deceived. 🙂

We go back for full-on school on Monday.  I should have many more exciting stories to tell you after that.


Happy Birthday Zoe!

It is a beautiful girl’s birthday today! Yes, it is our neice, Zoe Grace! She is turning 3!!! Happy birthday honey!
(photos courtesy of Ron and Alison)

Evacuation in Lebanon

Adam asked me to let all concerned parties know that he is not involved in evacuating the Americans from Lebanon.  The Marines who are taking them out were on their way to Iraq and made a detour.  They also fly 53 Echoes, whereas Adam flies Deltas. 

He says “hi!” to everyone and is doing well even though he is tired.  He comes back in 56 days! 🙂

New pix from Adam

I have received a request to see more pictures of Adam.  He sent these from their maintenence day about a week ago.  Don’t get too excited…that’s Coors Non-Alcoholic.  The boys are not impressed. 🙂


Adam has less than two months until he gets back!!!

Prayers and good thoughts

Hey all, I got a call today from my good friend Tiffany and she had some sad news.  Her dad, Mitch, fell off our friends’ roof and broke his wrist, several ribs, and his hip socket in five places.  He’s already had surgery for the wrist and is currently in traction for his hip until his surgery tomorrow.  He’ll be in the hospital for about another 11 days they’re saying.  Doctors have said he should make a full recovery, but will be in a walker and cast for at least 3 months.  It has been a hard road for my girlfriends back home lately concerning parents.  Any prayers and good wishes their ways would be appreciated I’m sure.

Back home

Hey all.  Just wanted to let you know I was back on the island.  Being home was awesome!  True, it was for sad circumstances, but I really needed to get away.  It was a chance to not only be concentrated on missing Adam 24-7.  I just flew in on Tuesday and have already spent 3 days at school.  We go back in a week..GROAN!  I’ve got  a lot to do before then.  I’m teaching all freshmen English this year, well journalism too.  I’m hoping for a better year than last year.  Although, looking at the stuff my students wrote in my yearbook I can’t have been all bad… 😉

Its Me Again

Hey everybody.. Its me again. Thought youd never hear from me huh? Well, this is one of the very few and far between times I can actually log on to this site and post something for myself. Its been a long hard road so far, but we are over the hump. I should be heading home in a few months. But not after alot of hard work. In the first 3 months of being here, we as a squadron have flown over 2,000 hrs.. That is more than we fly in a single year while in Hawaii. On top of that, we have carried over 13,000 passengers, and pushed and shoved now over 1,250,000 lbs of cargo in and out of the back of our 10 aircraft. All in 3 short months. So you can imagine the tempo at which we are getting things done. Its enough to make your head spin. Other than that though, I am doing ok. Worn out isnt really a good enough term to describe it, but I’ll make it. Well, this isnt a long one, but its good enough to let you know Im doin fine and will be home soon. Love yall..

Ptown Update

Hey all.  I haven’t been on much since I’ve been very busy here in Portland.  It’s been great seeing the sights, being near friendly people, clean streets, nice neighborhoods…*sigh*

I’ve gotten in touch with quite a few friends who have caught wind that I’m here.  Had an amazing adventure with Brittany and our moms yesterday going to Lincoln City.  She and I have been together nearly everyday which is really great.  Her mom is doing pretty good all things considered.  She’s still on max chemo and will be forever.  She and Brit are handling it well so I’m glad.  Just hard because she’s changed a lot.

All in all things are well here.  Just wanted to let everyone know.  I’ll try to write more when I have the chance. 

PS. Adam is good, just VERY busy.  I don’t hear from him much anymore.  He’s switching back to days on the 9th so things should slow down a little. 🙂