Very sad news

I didn’t put this up yesterday because we’re pretty devistated with the news that just came out. Adam did not make the advanced party list. Even though he left before main body, he is “technically” not advanced party since he didn’t come with the very first group of guys. The list we had before had him and several other guys on it, but the wives got another list yesterday that was totally different. So, instead of coming back mid-September it will now be mid-October. We just doubled how long we had left.

It’s hard to talk about and I’ve been really depressed since I heard the news. What I wrote is pretty much all I know. There’s a lot of question marks. Adam is really upset too. So, for now that’s all either of us really have to say about the subject. Sorry for the brevity of this post…still getting used to the idea.



  1. Alison Said:

    That really sucks, big time!

  2. Ashley Said:

    Melanie, don’t you let this get you down. Turn to your heavenly Father and he will give you the comfort you seek at this time. I know that it doesn’t seem fair, but the christian life isn’t always fair, it’s full of trials and troubles, all to help us rely fully on our Lord Jesus. Yes, miss Adam, but turn your mind to you Father and he will help you through this time. i will be praying for you that the God of all comfort will give you a peace about this and that he will use it to draw you closer to Him. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Mom Mitchell Said:

    Mel & Adam,
    I know this bit of news has really given you both quite a blow, but I pray you find strength in the love you two have for each other. Fill your time with thoughts of better days ahead; there will certainly be better days ahead!!! Know you are supported and loved by many!! We’re all here for you two… ALWAYS!!

  4. Melanie Said:

    Thanks everybody. 🙂

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