Offficial Adam Stats

Adam sent me his flying stats.  Currently, he is #1 in flight hours.  I’ll let him tell you in his words

The number of hours Ive flown so far is 333.5. And as a squadron we have flown 2975. We have carried 19,000 passengers and moved 1.7 million lbs of cargo. Not bad I would say.”

He is exhausted and being asked to be taken off the flight schedule for a while.  I’m glad!  We’re about back to how much time we thought we had left when we got the news.  Only 7 weeks to go…unless they change it again! Ugh!

Hope this news finds all of you well.  I will try to write again soon.



  1. Mom Mitchell Said:

    Bless his heart!!! Just reading what he’s done makes me tired!! I pray he gets a break from the non stop flying!! Of course, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed and praying fervently that the 7 week date will hold this time!! Keep your chins up and keep looking forward to that glorious day when Adam will be where he belongs!! In the arms of his beautiful wife!! I love both of you very much!! Mom xoxoxo

  2. Alison Said:

    So, what’s been going on lately?

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