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Short and Sweet

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t written in so long. Things around here have been much more than hectic! The quarter ends this week and with 70% of my students failing, I’ve been so busy!!! The newspaper still hasn’t come out and I’m on level 10 constantly! UGH!

We are at the 2 week mark!!! He’s almost home. Nights are busy right now for him, so I don’t hear from him as much as I do when he’s on days. I do know he’s doing well and very, very excited about coming home soon.

If you have any packages for him or the other guys, don’t send them to Iraq because they won’t be able to get it before they leave. Kind of a neat feeling huh?!

Sorry this is so short, I’m on a passing period and have to get back to the atomic bomb explosion of essays on my desk. It never ends!!!



Essay sadness

Hey gang,

As I have been reading the reflective essays my students have written I am almost overcome with sadness. In one period, over 75% of the essays were written about their most significant moment. One where they were injured either by a drunk parent or while their parents were wasted.

One I just read detailed a boy who’s father was drunk and hit him in the head with a baseball. He was five years old. The boy was in a coma for several months.

What kind of parenting is this? How is it that these kids’ parents are so irresponsible when they drink that they constantly put their childrens’ lives in danger???

Perhaps this is one possible reason. The next essay I read was about a girl who nearly drown in the ocean while her family watched from the shore, drunk…her parents were 16.

The stories get sadder and sadder. We wonder why these kids can’t be educated, their parents are kids when they have them. Many are drug babies and this is the kind of example that is set for them. The sad part is…they think this is normal.

How do I convince them that it is not?

The scores are in…


And I kicked booty on my Praxis exam!  I was tested about a month ago on “English Language/Literature Pedagogy.” Basically a test that costs $140 to see if you know how to teach LA/Lit.  I just got my scores in the mail tonight.

Overall, I received 180 points out of a possible 200 on the test.  This gives me a passing score which means I am licensed to teach in Hawaii…wait, haven’t I already been teaching here for four years???  I also got the maximum score on the “Responding to student writing” portion where I had to point out areas to help a student on based upon what he/she wrote in an essay.  Well then…maybe I can teach after all??? LOL!

Three…it’s a magic number

Howdy folks.

Just dropped by to say that my third FRESHMAN of the year (1.5 months) has been suspended on “zero tollerance” for being under the influence/in posession/possibly selling drugs on campus.  I’m still just flaberghasted that:

A) They are 14 and possibly selling drugs already!

B) We’ve only been in school for just over a month and

C) They were too stupid to learn from their first friend who got busted just a few weeks ago for the same freakin’ thing!!!

UGH! What is wrong with these kids?!weed.jpg

In addition, what is wrong with the system?  For drug offenses they are given a 90 day suspension…sounds like a 3-month vacation to me!  We should make them go to Narcotics Annonymous or something.

In related news, the school year is going ok.  I read one period’s “final essays” tonight…let’s just say “yikes!”  We’re almost done with first quarter already which makes my mind boggle.  It’s going so fast!!!

Whiney Voice Kid

Hey Gang,

I need some advice! I’ve got this kid in my 3rd period who is driving me up the wall! He does the “whiney voice” every single day. You know, that 3-year-old hig-pitched nails on the chalkboard sound when they don’t get thier way? Let me give you a visual:

Me: “please take out a piece of paper”
WV (whiney voice) “but I don’t want to take out paper.”
Me: “life isn’t always about doing what you like.”
WV: “but my paper is all the way in my bag.”
Me: “well, your bag is right next to you, why don’t you get a piece of paper out?”
WV: “do I have to?”
Me: “yes”
WV: “but I dont’ want to…” and on and on and on

So, for those of you who have kids, how do you make your kids stop. I can’t slap him, so get creative. Those of you without kids, how did your parents/teachers make you stop. I’m about to knock his block off!!!

Thanks for the help. Even making me laugh whould be a welcome relief right now. I swear, I should be getting combat pay too! Talk about the front lines…I teach FRESHMEN!!! LOL.

From the trenches,
A disgruntled Mrs. Price

Sea Monster at Kailua Beach

A funny thing happened today at the BBQ I went to.  A couple of the guys there are starting sniper school and had to make their gillysuit or whatever it’s called.  Aparently, you want this thing to be rugged so the guys decided to take it in the ocean, get it wet and dirty, then put it in the sun.  After a few beers they decided it would be fun to go down on the beach, put the gillyweed suit on and crawl out of the ocean with a K-bar in their mouth…great photo-op right?  Maybe not so much…

We run down there and Jaimie suits up, goes in the water and starts walking out as we snap away.  One of his friends pipes up, “Naw man, you should CRAWL out of the water…that would look freaking awesome!”  We all (post 2-10 beers) agree with him.  So, Jaimie goes back in the water and starts crawling out. 

Meanwhile, there are little kids all over the beach watching this, much to their horror.  Talk about the scariest thing they have ever seen!  The two tykes next to us are starting to get scared when he walks out and then all hell breaks loose when he starts crawling up the beach!  The little girl is hysterical by the time he reaches the shore screaming “NO MOMMY!!!  I don’t want the sea monster to come get me!!!!”

I run down to Jaimie and am like, “dude, you have got to take off that suit to show this little girl you are not a monster.  She is having a full fledged mental breakdown at age 3!!!”  He didn’t even notice the kids were all around. 

Moral of the story…do not crawl around with a huge knife in your mouth, while wearing a monster suit with children present at the beach.

Taste of Adam’s life…

I got the awesome oportunity to take a helicopter ride yesterday!  It was really amazing.  I recommend it to anyone who likes to see awe-striking sights.  Please enjoy some of the highlights. 🙂

melcopilot.jpgThis is me in the co-pilot chair.  The view from the front was crazy!

We flew right over Chinaman’s Hat –>chinamanshat.jpg

…and our apartment! ourapartment.jpg

sacred-falls.jpgSacred Falls can only be seen by helicopter due to the deaths of 7 men climbing back to it.

Stairway to Heaven is also off limits to the public at the moment. stairway-to-heaven.jpg

usmcb-kbay.jpg Here’s a look at where Adam works while in Hawaii.  The white buildings on the right are the hangars.  He works in Hanger 2.

wow.jpgThe west side of the island looked stunning from the air! westshore.jpg