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Update on the Stolen Car

One more reason to leave Hawaii… If your car gets stolen, and the cops find it, and its missing tires, rims, battery, stereo with speakers, AC, headlights, tail lights, spare tire, jack, and the ignition is ripped out of the steering column, and you only have liability insurance, you have to pay to have it towed, storage fees, extra hook-up fees because it has no tires, disposal fee since you cant afford to replace the stolen items.. All totaling $570 dollars. Just because someone stole YOUR car.. We did all of that right before we left to go to TN. Another check in the block for things I hate about Hawaii…


Turkey Day Fun

Mel and I hopped on a red eye to TN where the family was gathering for some turkey goodness. She seemed a little skepticle about the whole thing at first, not knowing exactly what we “southerners” eat for thanksgiving. She was under the impression that we ate coon, possum, frogs, or maybe even squirrel. Well little did she know, we “southerners” know how to cook some thanksgiving dinner. By the end of the day, she was sayin, “dang, these here viddles sure is fine!” The only depressing thing about that day, was the Denver Broncos lost to Kansas City. But, for the most part, it was filled with kids running around like turkeys with their heads cut off, and remeniscing the good ol days. We also had a special guest appearance from the Chandler family. Surprise mom! All in all, it was a good trip.. One of the best parts about it though I would have to say, is now Mel knows how to make Sweet Tea!! THANK YOU ALISON!! Im rather excited if you cant tell.. 2nd to sweet tea though was finally being cold again.. Its been a long time since myself or Mel has been cold. We were definately diggin it. Hope you turkey day was as fun as ours.. gobble

What grade do I teach again?

I’m having one of those days. My third period class makes me feel like I’m running a circus, not a high school classroom. I bust the same kids every single day because they act like 3-year-olds! They scream, make sound effects, throw paper, say “near swears” (like mother flugger and son of a biscuit eater), and just generally make me insane!

To top it off I read journals to grade a couple days ago. Most were pretty gnarly, but this one was particularly alarming. The prompt was “describe this room so that someone who has never been here could see it.” Here are parts of this student’s response exactly how it was written:

“The Desks are in a circul The teachers Desk is in the Right Coner of the room. the floower is blue…”

Here is what it should say:

“The desks are in a CIRCLE. The teacher’s desk is in the right CORNER of the room. The FLOOR is blue.”

How in the world can I teach them how to write an effective essay when they can’t even spell words like circle and floor?! I wish this was the only kid, but almost all of the journals were like this! These kids are 14 years old! What happened???

I am so frustrated!

Holy Stolen Car Batman!!!

Zoiks! Our crappy Honda was stollen!!! We walked up to Times tonight to get contact solution and realized that the old Honda was gone from the parking lot behind our townhouse. At first we assumed the piece of crap was towed and assumed the worst as we were only going to donate it and now would have to pay several hundred dollars to do so.

Nay my friends…the car is not towed. We had to call the non-emergency police to find out that no one had it. Moments later the po-po was knocking on the door (interesting as they never seem to show up in a timely manner when there really is an emergency…) for us to fill out a police report.

I now have to call AIG Hawaii tomorrow and let them know it is gone…hoping that means money to spend in Europe since we don’t want to buy another car.

It’s getting late, so I hope this post makes sense. I’ll post if there are any new developments.

Marine Corps Ball 06

This year was so much more fun than last year! There was a lot of drunken debauchery…most of which came from high ranking officers! LOL! The XO was dancing with all the guys without his dress jacket. Here are a couple of pictures. It took awhile to resize them so I’ll try to post some more again later.



Mitch, Amanda, Mel and Adam

adammelanddiana.jpgUs with the CO’s wife, Diana –>

Mitch proposed to Amanda! proposal.jpg


Mel and Tom 2-step –>melandtom.jpg


Halloween in Hawaii

Hey everyone,

 I’m sorry it has taken so long to post these pictures! Life has been a little busy around here. For Halloween we all went down to Waikiki and had a great time. While I was in Portland I made superhero capes for a bunch of our friends and we had a lot of fun. Here are some picture highlights.

gang.jpg<– The gang with capes


Richie came out with us too! –>family.jpg

HMH 463motleycrew.jpgMotley Crew

melandrichie.jpg<–Last party with my little bro

 There are more pictures of this night out…some of which are Rated R. If you are interested in seeing some of our more interesting costumes email one of us and we’ll send them on!