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Criminals on the loose

Just thought you might all be interested to know that apparently you are not required to tell your employer in Hawaii if you have been convicted of a felony! Adam found this out today as he was job searching. When you apply it asks if you have been convicted and then says (Hawaii-N/A).

I think this is because everyone is a criminal on this island. Just my guess…:)


Back to the grind

Well, we’re back and back to our ordinary lives. Well, at least I am. We came back to school on Thursday to begin the 3rd quarter. As usual, I had a ton of really poorly done work to correct so I could enter grades. I have to say that it is depressing how little my students do.

Adam is frantically looking for a job. We were hoping he could collect unemployment, but the first check won’t come for about a month and we don’t know how we are going to make rent, let alone eat or pay bills. *sigh* so fun to be young right? 🙂

Overall, we are happy to be home. Dad is staying with us right now and we have had a lot of fun with him and our other family who is visiting.

Hope all is well with you.

Eurotrip Pictures


We are back from our great trip. It is actually nice to be back home in the states where everyone speaks English, the money is green and I know what I’m ordering on a menu. I’m posting a couple highlights since we weren’t able to upload any during the trip. We have hundreds of pictures and I’ll post more later with more information, but for now here’s a few. Happy belated holidays.

eifeltowerkiss.jpg <–Eifel Tower, Paris

kisspantheon.jpg<–Pantheon, Rome


Colloseum, Rome –>

Spanish Steps on New Year, Rome –>newyear.jpg

buckingham.jpg<–Buckingham Palace, London