Back to the grind

Well, we’re back and back to our ordinary lives. Well, at least I am. We came back to school on Thursday to begin the 3rd quarter. As usual, I had a ton of really poorly done work to correct so I could enter grades. I have to say that it is depressing how little my students do.

Adam is frantically looking for a job. We were hoping he could collect unemployment, but the first check won’t come for about a month and we don’t know how we are going to make rent, let alone eat or pay bills. *sigh* so fun to be young right? 🙂

Overall, we are happy to be home. Dad is staying with us right now and we have had a lot of fun with him and our other family who is visiting.

Hope all is well with you.



  1. Alison Said:

    Has Adam been able to find a job yet?

  2. Melanie Said:

    Still looking unfortunately…

    We’re hoping soon since we can’t make rent this month on just my salary.

  3. Alison Said:

    Wow. I know you guys will be so glad when you can get out of there and find decent paying jobs in a place that’s not so expensive.

  4. Melanie Said:

    Yes we will. It seems the only things available around here pay about $8/hour which isn’t enough to live on in Hawaii! Ugh! He’s at an interview right now at Sears…fingers crossed.

  5. Lidaduem Said:

    Thank you

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