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Temple Valley…appropriately named

So, Adam & I have lived in Temple Valley for quite some time now and had seen the temples from afar. Actually it looks like a huge graveyard from the road. However, once you drive up the road there is an ancient temple in the back that cannot be seen any other way.

Today, as an attempt to procrastinate even farther my friend and coworker, Marc, invited me to go across the street and check out the temple. Wow, I wish I had gone before. I’ve included some pictures of this amazing place.


This is the temple from the parking lot

melfalls.jpgย Me by a small waterfall on the temple grounds


This huge gong is said to usher the spirits into the afterlife

group.jpgThe group of us who wentmarc-and-mel.jpgMarc and Mel

We read that the temple was made not using a single nail. It was erected to honor the Japapese immigrants who came to Hawaii. For any of you who are heading out this way, come over and we will walk over and check it out! It was well worth the trip!


Life in paradise.. ha..

What began as a minor traffic accident at the Waikele Center parking lot ended in the brutal beating of a young couple by two men and a woman, police said.

Two witnesses told the Star-Bulletin that a large crowd of shoppers watched in horror Monday afternoon as a petite 23-year-old woman was punched in the face by a man and knocked unconscious, and her 26-year-old husband was stomped and kicked in the head. Meanwhile, their son, about 3, sat in the back seat.

Authorities have charged 45-year-old Gerald D. Paakaula of Waianae with second-degree assault. Bail was set at $20,000. His teenage son was also arrested for second-degree assault and referred to Family Court. The woman, Paakaula’s wife, was not arrested.


The alleged attack began after the couple’s gray Dodge Durango hit the Paakaulas’ green Chevrolet while trying to pull into a parking stall, according to a police affidavit. Neither car was damaged, the witnesses said.

The teenage boy in the Chevy got out, angry his vehicle was struck and allegedly began yelling profanities, calling the other driver “f—-g haole” and kicking the driver-side door, according to the affidavit.

A 43-year-old female witness, who asked not to be identified, told the Star-Bulletin that the teen began punching the man, who was still sitting in the driver’s seat.

The affidavit said the 23-year-old woman got out of the Durango and tried to push the teen away from the vehicle and her husband. At that point the teen’s mother jumped in and started fighting with the woman, police said.

The witness said the teen’s mother got on top of the woman and began punching her.

Paakaula then came out of the Baskin-Robbins holding ice cream cones, and his wife told him that the other woman hit her, the witness said.

Paakaula allegedly “punched the woman in the face, picked her off her feet and slammed her onto the asphalt,” apparently knocking her out momentarily, according to the affidavit.

Another witness, a 65-year-old woman who also asked for anonymity because of fears of retribution, said the woman flew back 10 feet, landing under her car.

The driver of the Durango had gotten out of the car, was allegedly punched in the throat by Paakaula and fell to the ground gasping for air, police said. The teen then allegedly kicked him in the head and face, causing him to convulse, police said.

The teen’s mother finally told him to stop after “she sees blood pouring out of this guy’s mouth,” the 43-year-old witness told the Star-Bulletin. The man’s legs pointed straight out and quivered for 15 to 20 minutes, while a nurse in the crowd called 911 and said “he’s seizing,” she said.

The couple were taken to the Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition.

The affidavit said both received concussions. The man’s eye socket and upper jaw were fractured, and his wife sustained a fractured jaw, nose and wrist.

The older witness told the Star-Bulletin that she was disturbed by the use of racial slurs.

“It’s really sad to see,” she said. “You would think that we as Hawaiians would have outgrown that.”

ย That’s life in Hawaii as a “non-hawaiian”.. Or Haole.. As we are so affectionately reffered to as.. And we are supposedly the “racist”…

One Year Later

Another year has passed and we decided to take a little trip. On our way to see Grams and the rest of the family we stopped off at Kawela Lagoon, where we were married. Funny how some things change and others stay the same.



We’re still crazy!


Adam has learned new tricks…LOL


But we still are crazy in love…so that’s sayin’ something!


Introducing the Harquails!

Last weekend, two of our close friends tied the knot. The ceremony was beautiful at the Hale Koa in Waikiki.
Harquail Wedding
Adam and I were asked to be in the wedding.
It was really neat because I think Adam and I were kind of able to relive our wedding day. Whenever the pastor would ask Mitch to repeat after him, Adam would say the words to me. I started getting teary, not because of what Mitch and Amanda were saying (which was also very beautiful) but realizing that Adam and I still feel like we did that day. I thin this is such a blessing.

The bell just rang so I’m going to have to wrap this up, but will post more pictures after school. ๐Ÿ™‚

New job

Adam got a job at Sear’s Automotive at Windward Mall. He started training on Saturday and will contine four hours per day for the rest of this week.
Sounds like he may be bored, but hey…it’s a paycheck right? ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite part about his job is the badge that he has to wear:
“Hello my name is Adam. I’m in training.”
(I’ll try to post a picture later…)

Not yet out of the woods

Adam, Tom and I drove up to North Shore yesterday to see Grams and play some cards since she had been released from the hospital. Dad said she had been napping most of the day so we figured all would be fine.

After dinner we started playing “Oh Hell” and at about the run of 5 set of 4 hand, Grams wasn’t looking so good. She started slumping over and later dropped her cards. Adam & Dad had to carry her to the couch. Uncle Tony called the paramedics and Tom & I started checking her out and asking questions. The problem is, she doesn’t want to go back to the hospital so she kind of masks how she is really feeling.

At one point she asked us who was coming (we were talking about the paramedics) and then asked if it was the phone company. I just told her “yeah” so she wouldn’t freak out.

Paramedics checked her out and said she was just dehydrated. I know this makes me a bad person, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in the opinion of the North Shore guys. Tom had to remind them to check her pupils. Most of us think she had another small stroke. But, they left her at the house.

I guess we all learned our lesson. Don’t overextend Grams. I think she is going to be here longer than she would like. Especially if she keeps pushing it. I’m just glad she’s here and not in Dora.

Auntie Mae

Thoughts and prayers go out to Auntie Mae (one of Mom’s sisters). She has adema and is refusing to go to the doctor. Aunt Geri and Mom got in a car in the wee hours of this morning to go talk to her.

Pray that this works because it is sketchy whether she will make it through the weekend without medical treatment.


I know some of you may have heard that my Grams had a stroke Wednesday night on the North Shore. She was taken by ambulance to Wahiawa Hospital and has been downgraded from ICU to her own room.
It seems there was a blood vessel that burst in her brain and was still bleeding. It is inoperable. However, the bleeding seems to be contained and she is able to walk, talk and do most things she could do before. We were lucky it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
I think we are all very glad this happened while she was in Hawaii as she was able to get quick assistance. Grams lives in southern Oregon in a tiny town where the nearest hospital is quite far. She hopes to be released tonight, but I think it will be tomorrow at least. Then a week or two of physical therapy before she can fly home.
It’s been tiring for everyone. Dad has stayed with her since it happened and Adam, Tom and I went up both nights since to check on them. Everyone seems to be doing well.
Just keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She already seems well on the road to recovery. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hurricane Kailua

Gnarly clouds roll in
I’m sure many of you saw the crazy weather we were having here on the islands. I felt like I would be blown away at any moment. Palm tree outside my classroomBranches were coming in my classroom windows, the power went out one day and kids were not allowed to go home
Girls outside my classroom get blown over
…the saga goes on and on.
Thankfully, the wind has died down and the rain has subsided at the moment. And students are finally coming back to school. Although, “Bad weather” as an excuse from parents seems a bit stretched. I mean, on the mainland kids go to school with feet of snow on the ground. We get rain and no one can function it seems.
The thing that is irking me the most is the power outages! I swear someone can sneeze on the island and the power goes out. Every single morning this week our power has been out. I got wise and started setting my phone alarm, but today was the kicker…the coffeemaker didn’t work because the clock was out. Now that’s a problem!
The gospel truth!


It’s that time of year again.. Even though the Denver Broncos aren’t going to be there this year, football Sunday at the Prices continues this Sunday with the Superbowl Brewhaha.. Much like your average Broncos Sunday, being that we will all be wearing Broncos gear regardless of who is playing. But, sadly, we will all be cheering for the Colts to win this year. It’s sad.. I know.. But the AFC needs to win a Superbowl. It’s been 13 years. That being said, all you reading this now, need to cheer for the Colts on Sunday.. Thank you and goodbye… GO BRONCOS!