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It’s all fun and games…

What do you do on vacation when you’re poor???

Play games! We don’t mess around at Casa de Price.

cards.jpgThis is my personal favorite…


Cheating is severely looked down on at Casa de Price!

scrabblenerds.jpgAs you can see by our punishment and ridicule…

scrabblebroncos.jpg Alcohol definately gives you great ideas while playing Scrabble.

Who else could get the resident manager to come over and yell at you for playing Scrabble at 2am?! Only us, right?!


Beautiful Days

Britt and I have been able to dodge the rain on our side to enjoy some rays on the south shore.


We swung by Papailoa beach to try and catch a sight of turtles…no luck, but did see a great rainbow!

Today we scaled Diamond Head…and got caught in a raincloud. But we were able to catch some rays between clouds. As you can see from these photos we got FRIED yesterday at Waikiki. It’s pretty bad when you take off your simsuit and still look like you’re wearing one! Ouch!!!


Update on beating in Waikele

Aparently, the defense is saying that the teenager wasn’t calling the Army guy a “f’ing haole” he meant he was ACTING like a “f’ing haole” because “everyone who lives here understands the difference…”

All I can say is Wow! Especially when the article tells how they are generous church-goers and the church is holding a candlelight vigil to show their support to them. I have to say, a place that condones a hate crime with a church service is no place I choose to live.

If you feel like letting your jaw drop in disgust, check out the artice at:

 I am working on a letter to the editor because I’m pretty heated about the topic, but want to be sure it comes across as educated and level headed, yet getting the point across that we being white are targetted all the time. I know several guys who have been jumped by unknown Hawaiians SOLEY because their skin is white. One such guy was killed. It has got to stop! I hate this place. Any suggestions for this letter would be appreciated.

Let the debauchery begin!!!


Anyone reading this probably knows who Brittany is, but for you uninformed readers, Brittany is my best friend/sister. We grew up with backyards that connected and even built ourselves a tree house!

Brittany is here for two glorious weeks! Just so happens that I am on two weeks of Spring Break! We have been having a pretty good time despite the rain, and today got to spend the day in Waikiki basking in the sun and drinking cocktails. It is a very needed vacation for both of us; she with her mom just passing and me with…well my lame job.

melandbrit.jpgTurnin’ Japanese, I think I’m turnin’ Japanese, I really think so!

jeep.jpgIn the jeep on the way to North Shore

family.jpgDrinking has commenced…postbeerbong.jpg

rockoutwithyourcockout.jpgRockin’ out on “Guitar Hero” tikis.jpgCocktails in Waikikiguinness.jpgSt. Patty’s at Marc’s house

If you need to reach us…we’ll be on the beach…doing nothing!!! Yesss!!!

Confirmed Kill

*WARNING: The following pictures are not for the weak of heart or stomach!!!

Loke has been a bit preoccupied the last few days. In fact, she hasn’t been eating her food completely. (Those of you who know my fat cat will notice this is very strange!) Today when I went into the bathroom I found the reason why…

Loke has been playing with a gecko…I don’t think it was quite as fun for the gecko…


Confirmed Kill…yucky!


Who would expect that behind this face lies a stone cold killer???


And the Oscar goes to…

Michael Cordova!!!
Michael holding his Oscar!
I am so proud of my cousin! It has been his dream to work at George Lucas Studios ever since he saw Star Wars the first time! He has obviously grown by leaps and bounds since then.
Congrats cuz!

The official award:
Best Single Visual Effect of the Year
Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man’s Chest – Flying Dutchman Sequence

One year ago today…

I just realized it was one year ago today that I experienced the worst day of my life. Adam left for Iraq on March 5, 2006 at 8:00pm. It’s a night I’ll never forget, but it makes me thankful for what we have now!

adam-mel-deployment.jpg Hard to believe we even had smiles on our face huh?

adamandmel-hanger.jpg But was sure glad to get him back!!!

Happy Birthday Eli!!!

Our nephew, Elijah Mikel, turned one this weekend! It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since this monumentous occasion.
It appears Eli enjoyed his birthday cake!
Big sister Zoe had a good time too.

We love you Eli! Happy Birthday!
*all photos courtesy of Ron & Alison