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In action!

I had Marc take pictures of me teaching today for a final project at UH. Thought you might like to see what this crazy job looks like in action…

directions.jpg Can anyone hear my directions?

facilitator.jpg Discussion on Romeo & Juliet.

So, there you have it. A class period for Mrs. Price


Prom…bast from the past

Adam and I chaperoned the prom last weekend and our pictures came in today. Chaperones get complimentary pictures, so no we are not total dorks, but close.

Thought you guys might get a kick out of this picture…


Let the stoner-fest begin

For those of you who don’t know…today is 420. It is an undeclared day to smoke weed. I don’t know why we even bother teaching this day since our students come high everyday anyway, and today it’s just a sea of bloodshot eyes and hysterical laughter. Here is my favorite quote from period one:

Student: “Miss, do you burn (smoke weed)?”
Me: “No…because it is illegal!”
Student: “No it’s not!”
Me: “Um, yes it is.”
Student: “I mean only at school! It’s not against the rules anywhere else! It’s an herb, so it can’t be illegal.”
Me: “Yes it is. Illegal means it is against the law. As in, you will get arrested and go to jail illegal.”
Student: “Whatever Miss. That’s not true.”

*eyeroll* I guess they don’t think it is illegal because all their families do it. They probably don’t think it’s illegal either. Idiots!

Lock down and police choppers

Only 2 days after the fatal shooting at Virginia Tech we have been plunged into fear again. About an hour ago we heard helicopters flying over the school, but as the Marines often do this there was no cause for alarm. The choppers got lower and lower. My students went to see what was going on when the realized it was a police chopper and police were roaming the school. Security ran up and told us to lock down. There is a fugitive on the loose at the school. We have a women’s prison and a detention center right behind the school so unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. We kept them for a couple minutes after the final bell and eventually let them leave.

Apparently we are to keep an eye out for an asian guy in a black shirt…yeah, that narrows it down. No idea on if he is caught, but classroom doors are wide open again.

As far as the Virginia Tech massacre, our friend Dave Graf’s little sister is in the engineiring department and had been too hungover to go to class. My former student Andrew Ton was let out of class early or else he would have been right outside the building the shooting took place at. God works in mysterious ways.

Insight on love…

I had my students discuss whether they think teenagers experience love or infatuation today in class. They came up with some interesting ideas.

*We think that most teenagers experience infatuation because they are not mature enough to be in LOVE. The only love we have is for our families

*Infatuation because most teenagers aren’t ready to fall in love, they just check people out.

And a couple rants…

*Teenagers experience infatuation because most guys have a game they play. And most teenage guys can’t handle having just one girl and they don’t know what love is.

*Teenagers experience infatuation because sometimes it doesn’t work out and they like someone else. Most relationships people cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend and that’s not love.

Interesting…very interesting. I asked period 2 why teenagers tell their boyfriend/girlfriend they love them if it’s not love. They think “the guy is just trying to get in the girls’ pants!” WOW! They are observant huh?! LOL

“The madness in A12” or “bad parenting”

Parents never cease to amaze me. In my life I was always amazed at my parents as I’m sure all kids are. However, my students’ parents really take the cake on this one!

I had all the students who haven’t obtained a copy of their literature circle book (aka outside reading) call their parents to let them know they are behind. Sidenote: they chose their book before the two week spring break.

After calling his mom, one student told me she wanted to talk to me and wanted me to call her back. I called after class and all I can say is…wow, she’s a piece of work! She yelled at me for over ten minutes because he has to buy the book they chose (Freedom Writer’s $12) and can’t get it at the school library.

I informed her that he could have chosen any book with a partner and that was the one he chose, it was not assigned. That wasn’t good enough. She wanted to know how did he even hear about this book? I told her it’s a popular movie right now and several of the students are interested in it. She interupted saying, “I understand you read this book and told them it was good.” This is true. “How DARE YOU tell my son about a book!!! He can’t get it in the library, so I don’t want him to know about those kinds of books. You are failing him and you are the problem in his class!”

Um, excuse me? I’m getting yelled at for telling a student about a good book about racial tollerance in my ENGLISH class?! Are you *explicit, explicit, explicit* kidding me???!!!

She is insisting that he change books to which I told her that would be fine if he can find someone else to read it with him. We’ll see what unfolds on Tuesday. I just can’t believe that this is the second parent this year to scream at me because I’m making their child read! What is wrong with these people?

Confetti Nazi

So, I am making poetry anthologies for all of my students as a “best of” the work they turned in. The anthology is 203 pages long and has taken FOREVER to put together. Part of this process is binding the pages together with a spiral comb. When you punch the holes for it, mass quantities of rectangular paper pieces are created. You now have the history.

Today at lunch I went down the hall to my buddy Marc’s room to heat up my organic bean and rice burrito in the microwave, leaving a couple students behind to bind their books. I come into the hall when the bell rings to find there has been a confetti party in the entire hall!!!

In true Nazi style I call all the teachers of the students responsible and ask for them to be sent back. I then proceeded to make them sweep the entire hall–end to end! I felt like such a (as my dad has taken to calling me) “hard-ass”, but hopefully they learned their lesson.

I swear, I leave the room for a second and all hell breaks loose! Ugh! I bet Zoe knows it’s not ok to throw confetti inside! LOL.