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The Prices teach together?

To add to my elation about working at Ridge View, they officially awarded me the job and gave me an actual figure for salary. I was expecting to take about an $11,000/year paycut to work in Denver public schools…but they offered me just barely under what I’m making now, $40,000!!!

I told Scott, the Vice Principal, that Adam was so impressed with the school that he would love to work there. Scott told me they have a position open for a coach counselor working closely with 12 boys. Adam is supposed to call him this afternoon!

Wouldn’t that be crazy! Both the Prices at one school???!!!


Hello! My name is Mrs. Price and I teach at Ridgeview Academy!

I took the job just now! Base pay is $34,500 and will bump up due to my teaching experience. According to the public school pay is $31,000 and they don’t honor experience from other states. So, I think I made the right decision. Here’s hoping anyway. 🙂

Job offer

I got offered a position at Ridge View Academy in Aurora, CO. It is a private charter school and I’m not sure on pay yet. I’m actually a little freaked on whether to take it or not. Public schools won’t be hiring until the end of June and this job starts July 1st. I have to make this decision right away.

Any suggestions???

You know it’s time to leave Hawaii when…

1. There is a fatal shooting 3 blocks away from where you are staying
2. One of the shooters from this incident is still at large
3. There is a fatal shooting and a near-fatal beating at a party on North Shore that your cousin as at
4. The shooter from this incident is still at large
5. An off-duty cop tries to break up a fight at the beach you are sunbathing at and has a fatal heartattack
6. The school is on standby for lockdown because a student has threatened to come to school and shoot everyone
7. When you don’t find this out from the school, but a friend and a student
8. When your principal tells you that you don’t know how to teach
9. When the volcano on Big Island explodes “vog” into the air and makes everyone sick
10. 3 monster cockroaches, a cane spider and centipede greet you Monday morning in your class and a banana spider says hello in the bathroom.

Good God am I ready or what???!!! Let’s just hope I survive long enough to do so!

Fire trucks and bomb squad this time!

In the middle of my lesson today security came in and told me “Evacuate your kids. You’ve got to get them out right now.” I hurriedly grabbed my stuff and kids and high tailed it to the field. Apparently someone called in a bomb threat to the fire department who showed up at the school and told us to evacuate. I’m listening to the security radio right now to try and find out what’s really going on. We were out there for over and hour waiting for the school to be cleared. Fire trucks and cops are still here, but we were allowed to return to the school.

Talk about going out with a bang huh?!

Speaking of bang, as I was typing that last line I got a call that there was a fight in the next building which I had to go help break out! Geez! Let’s just go home and start over already!!!

I knew I should have left with Adam last night!

Police choppers…take 2!

So, we’ve just been released from another lock down. This one started after school and it was mostly us teachers who were quarantined. I heard the chopper super low to the school then here comes one of my students running like the devil was chasing him out from behind the school.

I hear from a very unreliable student sourse that the suspects had been caught tagging and that’s why they were being chased. I find it unlikely that the police chopper was involved just for grafitti, but who knows.

Watch the news. Perhaps we will learn more…