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We have our own place!

 Everything is going well here. Found a place to take my computer in, but it won’t be back for over 2 weeks from when I take it in, so still going to be using the school computer for awhile. We each get a laptop, which is nice. However, can’t get on our blog site or the Ottknot. 😦 Oh well. Not too much longer.

The school is great. I really love it and I think Adam does too. I have some amazing students! One came up to me during passing time and said that he just wanted to thank me on behalf of he and his unit for coming to the school and caring about their education. I’ve never had more attentive kids. It’s amazing.

Unpacked most of the boxes last night. Still have the ones for school, but need bookshelves to put the stuff on. Speaking of, TMO busted my wooden bookshelf and a lamp in the move. It was frustrating finding how they packed things. I heard that the Colorado TMO was cussing the Hawaii guys out because they packed everything to the breaking point. Big shocker…Hawaiians not doing their job correctly! LOL.

Well anyhow, school’s out and I’m beat. I actually ran a mile today and walked 3/4 of one! My goal tomorrow is to run 5 laps and walk 3-4. I’m getting stronger everyday! Pretty cool huh? It’s quite a change running up here in mile-high. Although, the kids are great. As we’re jogging they’re calling out, “I see you workin’ Mrs. Price!” “Keep it up!” “Pace with me, you got it!” It’s hard to not be motivated when your students are cheering you on. Two of them ran with Ana and I even after they had completed their 3 miles so that we would stay motivated. It was really cool. I’ve made lots of new friends here at school. We went out to the movies this weekend and are having a bbq at our new place on Sunday. I’m having such an amazing time.