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Visit to Durango

We took a littel roadtrip this weekend and visited Tom & Anj’s folks in Durango, CO. It’s about a 5-6 hour drive each way. We had a great time and saw some amazing sights. I was suprised not to see any snow however. Ah well. We are back in Denver and Adam is at work right now. Our new couches got delivered (finally!) this morning.

I’m attaching some pictures for your enjoyment. 🙂

cliff-dwellings.jpg These are the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. They are about an hour outside of Durango.

cliff-jumping.jpg Tom took us to Baker’s Bridge where people jump off. There was a guy fishing under it so the boys decided to jump off a huge cliff instead. The water was FREEZING! (Mountain runoff)

melboot.jpgAnyone who has seen “Beerfest” will appreciate the drinking of “das boot”!!!

prices-mesa-verde.jpg A fun new shot of the Prices at Mesa Verde.


Pix of the new apartment

After much begging and pleading by family members I finally snapped a couple quick shots of our apartment. It’s impossible to get angles that show you how big it is, but this is the basic gist. Hope it satisfies all of your needs until you can visit in person.

dining-room.jpgDining room

living-room.jpg Living room


Guest room guest-room.jpg

our-room.jpg Our room

bathroom.jpg Bathroom

Our new couches! couch.jpg

The couches haven’t been delivered yet, much to our disappointment as we bought them a week ago. It’s a full set with couch, loveseat and (my personal favorite) an overstuffed chair! Hooray!

Surprise for Ashley…

So, you know when you are counting on one thing and the opposite happens. In English class we call this irony. In the Price family we call it Ashley’s new baby.

Ashley just went to the doctor this week for a check up on our “niece” who is due in about 6 weeks. When, lo and behold…it’s a boy, not a girl! Guess the little guy was just hiding the goods the first time around! LOL.

So now they are in the process of returning all the pink stuff they had gotten for baby girl and are back to the drawing board on baby names with the clock ticking.

Funny how life switches things up on you isn’t it? 🙂

The Prices resurface! :)

Ok, ok. I know it’s been awhile since we posted on here, but we just finally got internet access. The last post was courtesy of my mom via email. Everything is great here. Not a whole lot to report.  Jobs are going well, we have a great apartment, are making awesome new friends…life good. I will post a couple funny stories in a few days, but there has been requests for pictures.

I’m only attaching a couple below since we don’t have any of our apartment since we moved stuff in. That and we’re getting a new couch delivered (hopefully) this week so it should look different soon. I guess I could do a before and after kind of thing. Wow, I just realized how rambly this is getting. Can ya tell I worked a 12 hour day, whew?!

Hope all is well with all of you. The pictures below are of us enjoying Colorado sporting events: The Denver Broncos training camp and the Colorado Rockies playing the Padres.prices-sideline.jpgprices-rockies.jpg