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The “Big Time”

The “Big Time”
Some people get a star on Hollywood Boulevard, others win a grammy. But, when you’re a teacher how do you know you’ve made it big?

Someone draws a nasty picture of you in the boys’ locker room.

Yessirree…ladies and gentlemen I have made it big. I’d like to thank the academy for this fine award.



New Jeep!!!

Everyone together now…say…4 Wheel Drive!!!

We finally broke down and bought a jeep because the road out to the school doesn’t get plowed and we were informed that it is nearly impossible to get down it without 4WD…so we found a screamin’ deal and snatched it up. Not as good on gas as my car, but will be helpful when the winter comes.

Poppin’ the Broncos cherry…

The whole fam damily went out to the Broncos preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals…we won…no big deal really. 🙂

We had seats way up in the nosebleeds, but people are right when they say there are no bad seats at Invesco field. We had a great view! I’m including a couple pictures from the event.


The newest edition to the family!


Our newest nephew was born on Friday late afternoon weighing in at 7lbs 13oz and 18 inches long!


Congratulations to Ashley, Michael and big sister Emily!