New Jeep!!!

Everyone together now…say…4 Wheel Drive!!!

We finally broke down and bought a jeep because the road out to the school doesn’t get plowed and we were informed that it is nearly impossible to get down it without 4WD…so we found a screamin’ deal and snatched it up. Not as good on gas as my car, but will be helpful when the winter comes.



  1. Geri Cordova Said:

    Congratulations on the jeep! That’s going to come in handy. About not being able to get down the road to the school, is that because of snow? What are the winters going to be like there? When does the really cold weather start and how cold does it get? Is the school very far outside of town? Geez, am I full of questions! Take care, love ya! Aunt Geri

  2. Alison Said:

    Cool jeep. Who gets to drive it?

    What’s the weather like there? Is it starting to get cooler? Are you prepared for the monstrous blizzards and such?? 🙂

  3. Mom Mitchell Said:

    Congrats on your Colorado Vehicle!~ Now you’re prepared for the SNOW and ICE that is coming your way!! You two wanted to enjoy the COLD and I think you’re gonna get your wish!! Love Ya, Mom M xoxo

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