The “Big Time”

The “Big Time”
Some people get a star on Hollywood Boulevard, others win a grammy. But, when you’re a teacher how do you know you’ve made it big?

Someone draws a nasty picture of you in the boys’ locker room.

Yessirree…ladies and gentlemen I have made it big. I’d like to thank the academy for this fine award.




  1. Geri Cordova Said:

    Congrats! You have indeed joined the ranks of teachers whose claim to fame is being immortalized on the bathroom stalls…you have truly been initiated!!!!! Love, Aunt Geri

  2. jeremy Said:

    Congrats! I used to do that all the time. Got any pics of it?

  3. Mom Mitchell Said:

    Yea, lets see your portrait!! Who is the artist?? I’m sure it’s wonderful!! Glad to see you’re accepted!!
    Love Ya, mom xoxoxo

  4. Melanie Said:

    Yeah great. I apparently have monstorous boobs. Creative little shits used the formerly drilled holes from the toilet paper dispenser for the nipples. There’s a huge penis right next to it. Awesome…Adam has pictures on his phone.

  5. Mom Mitchell Said:

    Oh yea! I gotta see the picture!! Guess Adam got his picture right along side yours!! hahaha

  6. Melanie Said:

    Oh Mom…you perv!!! Adam got a good kick out of that one. 🙂 As soon as you come visit I’ll let you see it. Heck, I’ll even take you down to the locker room to see it live. lol.

  7. Alison Said:

    Alright, time to update the blog. There are folks all over just dying to know what you guys have been up to. Don’t leave us hanging!
    Adam — how about them Rockies, huh?

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