October Snow

It snowed over 4 inches on Sunday morning/afternoon here in Denver. I couldn’t believe it. Ya know what else I can’t believe? It was 85 degrees today and there is still snow on the ground at the school.

 I know we have been neglectful on our blog…sorry. It’s been super busy around here. Adam got his new job at the school and is now a full-time sub, which often means very long days for the two of us.

The Rockies are in the World Series!!! They may have lost last night, but as I write this now they up 1-0 in game 2.  No, we do not have tickets for the Denver games unfortunately. Many of us were on our laptops at noon on Tuesday, but no one we know actually got tickets, except Uncle Randy & Greg who apparently paid “an arm and a leg” for 2. All we know is that a pair went for $200,000!!! That’s like buying a freakin’ house!!!

We will be enjoying the festivities somewhere with alcohol downtown this weekend with a bunch of friends.

Here are some pictures to tide you over until we get stupid in the snow again! Love you all.

adamloke.jpg Poor Loke was FREAKED out!!!

pricex3.jpg This was our awesome snowman…Hawaii style since we didn’t have the traditional stuff to put on him…



  1. Alison Said:

    The picture of the cat is hilarious! His eyes crack me up.

  2. Mom Mitchell Said:

    Those pictures are GREAT!! Wow snow and 85 degrees!! Lets talk Layers!! Hope you both had a great time in the snow! Poor Loke, she’s the native Hawaiian! She’s never seen snow, no wonder it freaked her out!! Give her a hug for me! Take care of each other! Love tons to both of you! Mom xoxoxo

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