Turkey Bowl 07

Happy Holidays everyone. Even though we couldn’t be with our families the sibling trio made it through the first in the long line of holidays this season in stride.

We literally kicked off Thanksgiving by getting up early in the morning and driving to the park by Britt’s house for “Turkey Bowl 07.” It had just snowed 2 days earlier so there was still plenty to play in. We have since decided to make this an anual tradition since it helps you feel less guilty about taking that second slice of pumkin pie later. 🙂

Afterward, Adam & I went to his aunt and uncle’s for an early lunch. I made yams…because you can’t have Thanksgiving without them. They were not a very big hit as I didn’t know southerners don’t like yams? But they were scarfed down back at Brittany’s that night.

We drove back to Brittany’s with warm southern biscuits in tow. Ironically enough, these were not a very big hit over there. Maybe next year I will just reverse what I take where. lol. We stayed up late playing card games and guitar hero. A fabulous time was had by all. A neat twist to the meal at Brit’s was we each brought something unique from our family to contribute and wrote out a placecard to explain what it is and whose family it came from.

It was a tough holiday for Brit and I since we were the only 2 out of all of our friends whose families didn’t fly in for the holiday. That coupled with Brit’s mom passing on last year right after her favorite holiday made the day and those leading up to it very emotional. We both missed our families immensely, but are thankful for eachother and long distance cellular service!

Here are some pictures from our day. Hope you enjoy. Much love from our makeshift family to yours.




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