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Brad Paisley, Rodney Atkins, and -1 degrees

The concert was an absolute blast.. It was the first time I’ve been to a country concert since… the last time I went to a Brad Paisley concert in Hawaii. We met Steve “Mudflap” McGrew and the rest of the KYGO morning show posse (the local country radio station) outside the concert last night, which was pretty cool. They were really nice. After the concert, we got on the train to home, had a train swap stop, sat there for 15 mins outside, (it was about 3 degrees above 0) freezing our buns off. By the time we got home, the temp on the car temp reader thingy, finally clicked over to -1… Wow.. With the wind chill it was around -7 or so.. That would officially be the coldest weather Ive been in, ever.. Brrrrrrr….. No big deal though. Its not that bad if you are dressed for it. I know this is my first post in about 2000 days, but maybe one of these days I’ll get a little more consistant with it.. Love yall… GET A LITTLE MUD ON THE TIRES!!! p1160029.jpg p1160015.jpg


Standing Ovation

I’m pretty sure everyone on here knows that I used to sing. A lot in fact. Well, this little nugget of information has leaked out to my students…and oh the consequences!

Yesterday after school, the choir and band teacher came into my classroom and begged me to sing the national anthem for the VALIDATE assembly today. I tried to wiggle my way out of it, but the man just would not take no for an answer…so I sang it.

I was sooo nervous! Why is it that singing for huge crowds of people is no biggie, but singing for students is like jumping off a cliff?! I don’t know how it got out but by the time I got to the school this morning the whole student body was abuzz with the news. I told them I was scared and they reassured me all day long.

When the moment of truth finally came I stood and walked up to the podium in the middle of the gym. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my throat. I took about 4 steps forward and the gym errupted. The boys all jumped up and started cheering. It was my first standing ovation since performing in college. Not a peep in over 400 adolescent boys the whole time, except for giggles with me when my voice cracked at “Rockets Red Glare.” Before I even finished the last line they were out of control again.

I felt like a celebrity. I went out an a tiny, shakey limb for them and I know that the fruit I was reaching for will be oh-so sweet. I have proven to them that I will go the distance for them and you know what… It makes all the difference.

I feel so very honored.

Appreciated…at last!

Appreciated…at last!
So, as we all know teaching is a very thankless job. Everyday I taught in Hawaii I felt like my students would be just as happy to see me hanging from the banyon tree behind my classroom as they would come to my classroom. Interstingly enough, it has taken me teaching convicted criminals to finally be appreciated.

My students call to me from across the quad, they peek their head in to say hi between classes and they defend me to the end of the Earth. If a visitor comes into my class-they cover like you can’t believe! I let them talk about controversial topics (ex: “Are Americans terrorists because of the bombing of Hiroshima?) that are not usually tackled by classrooms. But guess what…they are LEARNING…and even more…they’re EXCITED about it!!!

Several students have come to me for help recently. Some for additional help to pass the GED and others to get info on colleges. All of the kids who I’ve helped with the GED writing portion have passed!!! One guy after failing twice finally got it after our study session. I was so proud.

My most recent anticdote happened on Friday right before I left for the weekend. One of my favorite (shhh) students has been talking to me about college. He never thought he’d be able to go and figured he’d be in and out of jail forever. After many prep periods labored over the laptop with him, he has nailed down a plan. He knows what he wants to study. He has a timeline. He is going to make it! He came by my room yesterday afternoon grinning ear to ear and practically bouncing. He told me he was going to college. He took my hand, shook it, looked into my eyes and told me, “Thanks Mrs. Price. I never could have gone to college if it wasn’t for you.”

Tears are coming to my eyes even as I write this. Nobody ever seems to understand why on Earth I would ever teach criminals…this is why.