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Spring Time

It seems like only days ago it was 20 degrees, freezing cold in the mornings.. Oh wait.. That was this morning. Yep. Its still rather chilly around here. There are days in between that get a little warmer. A month ago, we had a day that was 77 degrees. We went to the park, had a BBQ, I had on shorts, a t-shirt, and bare feet. The next day, it was 23 degrees, and 5 inches of snow on the ground. The best way I have heard to describe it has been, “That’s Colorado”. Its not to bad on the average these days. Its been 30 at night, but 50-60 during the day. The suns coming out alot more. Overall, I’m happy it’s spring…


Brad Paisley, Rodney Atkins, and -1 degrees

The concert was an absolute blast.. It was the first time I’ve been to a country concert since… the last time I went to a Brad Paisley concert in Hawaii. We met Steve “Mudflap” McGrew and the rest of the KYGO morning show posse (the local country radio station) outside the concert last night, which was pretty cool. They were really nice. After the concert, we got on the train to home, had a train swap stop, sat there for 15 mins outside, (it was about 3 degrees above 0) freezing our buns off. By the time we got home, the temp on the car temp reader thingy, finally clicked over to -1… Wow.. With the wind chill it was around -7 or so.. That would officially be the coldest weather Ive been in, ever.. Brrrrrrr….. No big deal though. Its not that bad if you are dressed for it. I know this is my first post in about 2000 days, but maybe one of these days I’ll get a little more consistant with it.. Love yall… GET A LITTLE MUD ON THE TIRES!!! p1160029.jpg p1160015.jpg