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Bound for Spain…really this time

Rota, Spain
I just got a call from Adam saying they are really leaving (or at least they were boarding the C5) at 2pm West coast time. The C5 they flew in to California broke down and they ended up moving all the gear and helicopters from that one to a different C5 that will be taking them to Spain today. Obviously they spent the night.
The flight is only supposed to take 12 hours, so they should arrive sometime around midnight/1am Hawaii time.
The guys are pretty tired from all these late night flights, but are hoping for another breakdown in Spain so they can see the sights! Jerks! 🙂
You are now as up to date as I am.


And they’re off…

The C-5 departed last night at quarter to 9pm. We waited around since 1:00 and it was just looking like they probably wouldn’t have to go, but low and behold, they got out of Hawaii just before the crewday was over. Adam called from California at 3am to let me know they got there safe and sound. They leave Cali tonight around 5 (or if last night is any indication it will be 9pm) Next stop…Spain.
I’ll let you all know as I get more information. Be praying for a safe flight!

Uncle Adam & Auntie Mel

Elijah_Mikel.jpgThe newest addition to the Ott familyBig sister Zoe with Elijah
We have a nephew!  He was born this morning at 9:15.  He weighs 7lbs 3oz and has dark wavy hair!  Alison was bound and determined to get this boy child here before Uncle Adam left for Iraq…she just barely made it!  Adam is pretty stoked to have a nephew instead of just nieces (I think he’s sick of being outnumbered by all the females in the family).

His name is Elijah Mikel. (we’ll all call him Eli) A big congratulations to them both!!!