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Ode de Mrs. Price

I assigned my students an acrostic over the weekend. Those are the poems where you spell something vertically and make a poem around that word. Here’s what one of my students wrote about me:

Mysterious and humorous, outspoken

Respected for all her kindness

She shows us a side of her

People would be scared to, normally.

Reason being she runs her own program.

I wondered if she would last this long

Clearly, I underestemated her will

Explanations are not needed because…

…Mrs. Price is here to stay!


Turkey Bowl 07

Happy Holidays everyone. Even though we couldn’t be with our families the sibling trio made it through the first in the long line of holidays this season in stride.

We literally kicked off Thanksgiving by getting up early in the morning and driving to the park by Britt’s house for “Turkey Bowl 07.” It had just snowed 2 days earlier so there was still plenty to play in. We have since decided to make this an anual tradition since it helps you feel less guilty about taking that second slice of pumkin pie later. 🙂

Afterward, Adam & I went to his aunt and uncle’s for an early lunch. I made yams…because you can’t have Thanksgiving without them. They were not a very big hit as I didn’t know southerners don’t like yams? But they were scarfed down back at Brittany’s that night.

We drove back to Brittany’s with warm southern biscuits in tow. Ironically enough, these were not a very big hit over there. Maybe next year I will just reverse what I take where. lol. We stayed up late playing card games and guitar hero. A fabulous time was had by all. A neat twist to the meal at Brit’s was we each brought something unique from our family to contribute and wrote out a placecard to explain what it is and whose family it came from.

It was a tough holiday for Brit and I since we were the only 2 out of all of our friends whose families didn’t fly in for the holiday. That coupled with Brit’s mom passing on last year right after her favorite holiday made the day and those leading up to it very emotional. We both missed our families immensely, but are thankful for eachother and long distance cellular service!

Here are some pictures from our day. Hope you enjoy. Much love from our makeshift family to yours.



The few, the proud in Colorado

Adam & I (along with 3 other chaperones) took a group of our guys to see the filming of the new Marine Corps commercial. The silent drill platoon was filming up in Leadville (which I loving call Rockville & Nowhereville because it is so far in the middle of nowhere). 20 students enjoyed meeting real Marines and asking them questions. We even made the Marine Times. You can check out the article at

Here are some pictures from the event…it was freezing!!!



Short Antecdote: I was standing with our guys when an old Marine came up and said he wished he’d had hot teachers like me when he was in high school. (eye roll…I’m so sick of this line I could puke!) One of my students came up to me and said, “Do you want me to assault him Mrs. Price because I would go back to Orientation for you.” It may have been one of the sweetest things a kid has ever told me! 🙂

October Snow

It snowed over 4 inches on Sunday morning/afternoon here in Denver. I couldn’t believe it. Ya know what else I can’t believe? It was 85 degrees today and there is still snow on the ground at the school.

 I know we have been neglectful on our blog…sorry. It’s been super busy around here. Adam got his new job at the school and is now a full-time sub, which often means very long days for the two of us.

The Rockies are in the World Series!!! They may have lost last night, but as I write this now they up 1-0 in game 2.  No, we do not have tickets for the Denver games unfortunately. Many of us were on our laptops at noon on Tuesday, but no one we know actually got tickets, except Uncle Randy & Greg who apparently paid “an arm and a leg” for 2. All we know is that a pair went for $200,000!!! That’s like buying a freakin’ house!!!

We will be enjoying the festivities somewhere with alcohol downtown this weekend with a bunch of friends.

Here are some pictures to tide you over until we get stupid in the snow again! Love you all.

adamloke.jpg Poor Loke was FREAKED out!!!

pricex3.jpg This was our awesome snowman…Hawaii style since we didn’t have the traditional stuff to put on him…

The “Big Time”

The “Big Time”
Some people get a star on Hollywood Boulevard, others win a grammy. But, when you’re a teacher how do you know you’ve made it big?

Someone draws a nasty picture of you in the boys’ locker room.

Yessirree…ladies and gentlemen I have made it big. I’d like to thank the academy for this fine award.


New Jeep!!!

Everyone together now…say…4 Wheel Drive!!!

We finally broke down and bought a jeep because the road out to the school doesn’t get plowed and we were informed that it is nearly impossible to get down it without 4WD…so we found a screamin’ deal and snatched it up. Not as good on gas as my car, but will be helpful when the winter comes.

Poppin’ the Broncos cherry…

The whole fam damily went out to the Broncos preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals…we won…no big deal really. 🙂

We had seats way up in the nosebleeds, but people are right when they say there are no bad seats at Invesco field. We had a great view! I’m including a couple pictures from the event.


The newest edition to the family!


Our newest nephew was born on Friday late afternoon weighing in at 7lbs 13oz and 18 inches long!


Congratulations to Ashley, Michael and big sister Emily!

Visit to Durango

We took a littel roadtrip this weekend and visited Tom & Anj’s folks in Durango, CO. It’s about a 5-6 hour drive each way. We had a great time and saw some amazing sights. I was suprised not to see any snow however. Ah well. We are back in Denver and Adam is at work right now. Our new couches got delivered (finally!) this morning.

I’m attaching some pictures for your enjoyment. 🙂

cliff-dwellings.jpg These are the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. They are about an hour outside of Durango.

cliff-jumping.jpg Tom took us to Baker’s Bridge where people jump off. There was a guy fishing under it so the boys decided to jump off a huge cliff instead. The water was FREEZING! (Mountain runoff)

melboot.jpgAnyone who has seen “Beerfest” will appreciate the drinking of “das boot”!!!

prices-mesa-verde.jpg A fun new shot of the Prices at Mesa Verde.

Pix of the new apartment

After much begging and pleading by family members I finally snapped a couple quick shots of our apartment. It’s impossible to get angles that show you how big it is, but this is the basic gist. Hope it satisfies all of your needs until you can visit in person.

dining-room.jpgDining room

living-room.jpg Living room


Guest room guest-room.jpg

our-room.jpg Our room

bathroom.jpg Bathroom

Our new couches! couch.jpg

The couches haven’t been delivered yet, much to our disappointment as we bought them a week ago. It’s a full set with couch, loveseat and (my personal favorite) an overstuffed chair! Hooray!

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